Consider Spending More Time In The Sun

Health Benefits of the Sun

Increased energy
Mood enhancer
Increases Vitamin D3 levels
Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Helps treat psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and acne
Helps treat neonatal jaundice
Bone Health
Supports the immune system

Without the sun there would be no life on Earth. Our bodies need sun exposure for optimal health. Consider the sun a healer that provides countless health benefits.

We live in a modern world that is overloaded with paranoid messages about how dangerous the sun is.

The best way to increase and optimize your Vitamin D level is through appropriate sun exposure. Exposure to the sun should be done slowly. Increasing length of time gradually. Ideally you should aim for twenty minutes per day while exposing as much skin as possible, being mindful to avoid sunburn. Protect delicate areas such as the eyes and the face.

If you can’t get enough sun exposure consider taking a Vitamin D3 supplement in conjunction with Vitamin K2.

Find a fun outdoor activity and soak up that sun!

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